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Often beauty and timeless design lies in simplicity. WORLD OF OYSTERS form and clear statement understrike the „less-is-more“ philosophy so popular in today's dining out culture. Whatever your service requirements are, this neutral „outfit“ can be mixed with nearly all dining styles to suit. When it comes to something special all items can be customized in color or size. Or choose from our exclusive marbled ones.

1-oyster-plateau [*] OY.01.0000


3-oyster-plateau [*] OY.03.0000


3-oyster plateau +1 [*] OY.3.1.0000


3-oyster plateau +3 [*] OY.3.3.0000


6-oyster-plateau [*] OY.06.0000


6-oyster plateau +3 [*] OY.6.3.0000


6-oyster round plateau [*] OY.6R1.0000


6-oyster round plateau 'Black Marble' [*] OY.6R1.2255


12-oyster round plateau [*] OY.12R.0000


Oyster shell black /gold [*] OY.1SG.0026