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CMK Brussels Lace serie is my interpretation and remeniscence to the legendary world renowned pattern.

Made entierly by hand respectfully interpretaring on an original sample of my wedding robe this decor is a real thrill to all of you who love iconic patterns in a modern way.

Explore our innovative handcrafted decors never seen on glass before.

CMK Brussels Lace decors made with our

in-glass techniques make all items dishwasher safe!

PACO.11 'Brussels Lace' [*] PA.11L.3326


PACO.16 'Brussels Lace' [*] PA.16L.3326


PACO.20 'Brussels Lace' [*] PA.20L.3326




PLATE.17 'Brussels Lace' [*] PL.17L.3326


PLATE.19 'Brussels Lace' [*] PL.19L.3326


PLATE.20 'Brussels Lace' [*] SL.20L.3326


PLATE.3017 'Brussels Lace' [*] PG.17L.3326


PLATE.3013 'Brussels Lace' [*] PG.13L.3326


PLATE.25 'Brussels Lace' [*] PL.25L.3326


PLATE.27 'Brussels Lace' [*] PL.27L.3326


PLATE.29 'Brussels Lace' [*] PL.29L.3326


BOWL.13 'Brussels Lace' [*] BO.13L.3326


BOWL.16 'Brussels Lace' [*] BO.16L.3326


BOWL.19 'Brussels Lace' [*] BO.19L.3326