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ELLIPSE.34 - 'White Marble' [*] EL.34.2233


Welcome to the magic: the magic of the special ...... MAGIC MARBLE

BOWL.13 - ø13cm Magic Marble [*] BO.13B.2244


BOWL.16 - ø16cm Magic Marble [*] BO.16B.2244


BOWL.19 - ø19cm Magic Marble [*] BO.19B.2244


BOWL.I - ø21cm Magic Marble [*] BO.IC.2244


BOWL.II - ø27cm Magic Marble [*] BO.IIC.2244


PLATE.37 - ø37cm Magic Marble [*] PL.37C.2244


NEW +++ 'ASPHALT' +++ NEW +++ Like real Asphalt our interpretation of those black textures with a kind of gruff elegant aura made by hand with nothing but glass combined with a gold medallion is the DNA of our 2023 brand new handcrafted 'ASPHALT' collection

PLATE.25 - ø25cm 'ASPHALT' [*] PL.25.2566


PLATE.29 - ø29cm 'ASPHALT' [*] PL.29.2566


PACO.deep - ø27cm 'ASPHALT' [*] PA.DG.2566


BOWL.II - 'ASPHALT' [*] BO.II.2566


RECTANGLE.15 - 'ASPHALT' [*] RT.15S.2566


SILVER BOWL.07 - 'SILVER' [*] BO.07S.0000


SILVER BOAT.08 - 'SILVER' [*] BT.08S.0000


NEW BOAT.30 - 'ASPHALT' [*] BT.30S.2566


PAGODE.13 - 'ASPHALT' [*] PG.13S.2566


PAGODE.17 - 'ASPHALT' [*] PG.17S.2566


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PURE rimless

Christine M Korner: grey glass plate with gold medallion

HEARLIN ** /Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg

"Best plates ever"

Christoph Rüffer

eleven * /Lisbon

"Quality, creativity and love expressed in each piece.

To prepare a beautiful dish on tableware that conveys soul, life and love. This transmits every piece by Christine and Michael."

Cintia & Joachim Koerper

Christine M Korner: glass plates with blue and gold decoration

William * /Belmond Hotel Reid's Palace Funchal, Madeira

"Your plates are unique, tailor made with a great design, shapes and colours, some with a gold touch and finishing which bring them to a luxury level, ideal and fundamental to be part of our William Michelin restaurante and please our guests with a very special variety of upscaled glass plates that can be found only in a special and deluxe enviromental."

 Luís Pestana

Christine M Korner: white glass bowl with black stripes

Carters of Moseley * /Birmingham


Brad Carter

Christine M Korner: white glass plate with copper medallion

l'abeille * /New York

"Absolutely beautiful!"

Mitsunobu Nagae

Proud to be a member

Presented by Michelangelo Foundation

We are one of their few recommended

european glass manufacturer

We are honored to be one of about 30 worldwide partner producer of Uccelin Foundation founded by

Sarah and Andreas Caminada

Christine M Korner

Christine has headed the artistic development department of Christine M Korner Glas Manufaktur Berlin since 1999.

In addition to her work as a designer, innovative decoration and manufacturing techniques that meet the challenges of modern table culture form an important focus of her work.

Look. Boom. Amazing.

Made with love & passion in Germany.